Netflix’s Spanish Crime Drama Money Heist aka ‘La Casa De Papel’ Season 4 is scheduled for 2020! What Alex Pina has to offer in this series? Cast, Release Date, Trailer and Plot inside!

Anticipated fans can take a sigh because their favorite Netflix series ‘La Casa De Papel,’ aka ‘Money Heist’, is going to launch in January 2020.

Previously the show was aired on Netflix with season 1, 2, and 3. The show gained immense popularity not just in Spanish natives but outside its country of origin, Spain, people loved its storyline, and since then, Season 4, which is considered as last season, is waiting in anticipation.

The plot about the La Casa De Papel series


Also known as Money Heist, this Spanish series is an action drama, Alex Pina is the creator of the show. The story is about a bunch of robbers attack the factory established in Timbre and Moneda; they try to accomplish their goal to rob 2.4 billion euros. The twist and turns of the show keep the audience glued to their television screen. The cast of the show includes some amazing talent like Ursula CorberoItziar ItunoAlvaro Morto, Pedro Alonso, Alba Flores.

What makes La Casa De Papel everyone’s favorite?

The most attractive part of the series is its suspenseful story that can give goosebumps to you. One of the casts from the show, Rodrigo de la Serna, revealed Netflix officials felt the need to release the show’s fourth because of the phenomenal hype it received from the people.

Statistical speak the true story of popularity of La Casa De Pape

This thriller series has won 12 awards for best screenplay, the best Spanish series, and for many other categories, and because of getting the smashing treat of success, it became of the top-rated shows of Netflix. It made its debut on 25th December 2017. Netflix disclosed in one of its reports that ‘La Casa De Papel’ had become the top most-watched series in the history of Netflix streaming. It has broken the record of becoming the most successful non-English series produced by Vancouver Media.

This is great news for all the fans out there who were craving to watch their favorite series.

Season 4 trailer of La Casa De Pape

An official trailer has not been released yet, however here is one fanmade trailer: