Netflix’s new sci-fi thriller movie ‘In the Shadow of the Moon’ Review

The science-fiction thriller ‘In the shadow of the Moon’ has taken a new twist.

‘In the Shadow of the Moon’ is a time fictional movie based on time travel. The movie tells the story in two directions and begins with a glimpse of an ending that doesn’t exist in the end. Isn’t it very suspicious? The movie consists of heavy mystery and genre-bending detective thriller.

In the movie, actor Boyd Holbrook portrays the role of officer Locke. Locke tries to chase the time-traveling serial killer.

We are alerting our viewers that there are some major SPOILERS ahead.

The movie starts from Philadelphia in 2024 as an abandoned office building trembles and quakes. We can hear the explosions and alarms raging everywhere. A different version of the American flag drifts through the flame.

And then suddenly, the viewers are taken to 1988, where we notice Locke, a consistent Philadelphia PD officer whose wife Jean, played by actress Rachel Keller, is pregnant and due any minute. At this crucial moment of his life, he gets a call that he needs to be present at a crime scene.

At night, in the month of October, Locke discovers three seemingly unconnected people murdered in a gruesome manner. Locke somehow finds his way to the culprit who turns out to be a young woman named Riya, played by Cleopatra Coleman, in a blue hoodie.

Riya reveals several things about Locke’s daughter that she was not born and his partner is still alive. Riya somehow manages to handcuff Locke on a bench, but she falls into an oncoming train and she dies on the spot.

Locke meets Riya every nine years after her death. Every time, she wants to kill those who are on her list and Locke wants to stop this time traveler. He tries to investigate relentlessly and eventually learns that the time traveler is killing the members of a hate group to prevent a war-like situation. She explains to him about the war which takes place in 2024 as shown at the start of the series.

The main twist in the story is that Riya is none other than Locke’s granddaughter and she is fighting to enlighten her dark future in 2024. Locke encourages her to do so. Riya then explains Locke how she travels form the future and how it works.

The film premiered at Fantastic Fest on September 21, 2019. Later, it was released on September 27, 2019, on Netflix.