Netflix’s “Marriage Story” Celebrates Marriage And The Painful Estrangement That Comes From Within!!

It seems like Netflix is again gifting their fans a story that shows the happy and the poignant side of a relationship, and what happens when two people grow apart at one point in their life?

A Film That Celebrates Marriage And The End Of It!

Netflix’s Marriage Story shows two people in marriage and how this estrangement has its own kind of emotional distress. The leading actors Adam Driver and Scarlett Johansson, portray these emotions with utmost care and protection.

Moreover, the story revolves around a theatre director Charlie and his wife, who gave a career in Hollywood who be the lead in her husband shows. Things seem to be going well for both of them, but how long can they hold it together? The film opens when things seem to be falling apart. There is also a geographical distinction, as well. There is constant bickering between the two characters, although the bickering is not annoying or boring but credible in its own way.

Director’s Giving A New Vision To The Concept Of Marriage.

It seems like the film celebrates two people rather than the marriage that they were involved in for so many years. The story is more about individual identity rather than a collective marriage. The film beautifully fleshes out the painful aftermath of a marriage breakup.  The story is about a family that made so much sense at one point to the point where it didn’t. The film is worth the hype and attention that it is receiving from its fans.

Director Noah Baumbach’s beautifully highlighted the awkwardness between two people who once were so close to each other. The underline plot of humor is praiseworthy, as well. The supporting characters played by Julie Haggerty, as Nicole’s mom and Laura Dern, as Nicole’s lawyer, are also noteworthy and will surely catch your attention.