Netflix’s “Living With Yourself Season 1” reminds us of Rick and Morty (birth of toxic rick)! Will Season 2 of Paul Rudd’s starer going to be an adaptation or they have something new to offer?

Created and written by Timothy Greenberg, Season 1 of “Living with yourself” impressed the audience with its inventive dark comedy. This American web series released all the eight episodes of 1st season on18th October and left the spectators amazed by the duplicate of Paul Rudd.

The story revolves around a man, Miles Elliott, who is frustrated with his life and work and has no spark left in his marriage with Kate. One day, his colleague Dan advises him to visit a spa in springs mall to regain energy where he gets into a mysterious treatment, resulting in his smarter and more energetic clone. Clone Miles is a better and polished version of depressed Miles whose career and marriage are at the edge of collapsing.

Further, we see how Clone Miles fixes up all the issues of Miles’ life while he simply relaxes staying home from work but later has to fight for his own identity. The show features lots of clever material with a mild touch of funny content.

Well, in Rick and Morty, a similar thing happened when the duo visited the spa to get away with all their toxic trails! Though their toxic side was gone, it was not just toxics, but a part of them was missing!


Though the base of the story matched with this specific episode of Rick and Morty, there is no update as for now, if there is season 2 and how is it going to be.

The cast of “Living With Yourself” includes Paul Rudd (Miles Elliott and Clone Miles), Aisling Bea (Kate), Demine Borges (Dan), Karen Pool (Lenore), Eden Malyn (Margaret) and Alia Shawkat.

Basically, “Living With Yourself” forces everyone to think about the idea of one’s existence and relations. The supporting cast keeps on adding pinches of comedy while Rudd has portrayed some of his best works in both roles.