Netflix’s La casa de papel “Money hiest” Season 4 latest updates: The recent clip of professor’s kiss on twitter is trying to make a point??

The fourth season of Money Heist “La casa de Papel ” is going to be the renewal of the record-breaking Spanish language teen-drama series. The storyline of the series is so brilliantly written that everyone is impressed with it. This not-English series has become a worldwide famous series of its own kind. Soon after 19th July, when the final episode(Astray) of Season 3 was released, everyone got excited to know what is next on the plate. There were many predictions on how the series is going to start and who is going to die.

Money heist season 3 was a treat to the audience where El professor revealed a little detail about how the gang will escape the bank, but later on the execution tactics changes. The professor with Libson work towards guiding the thieves inside the Bank of Spain to steal 90 tons of gold. Then they guided them to enter the vault where the government’s secrets are kept. There are assumptions that it might have cost them Nairobi’s life.

Tokio along with Rio blasted the army tank that entring the bank. Although everything looked perfect and the plan was also good, but, the police sent the armored vehicle to break the door which failed the plan.

In season 4 we are going to find out what will happen next. The production of season 4 is in progress, and everyone is already excited to know the inside story. The expected release of Season 4 is late 2019 or early 2020; however, there is no official announcement yet.

The cast for season 4 includes Morte, Corbero, de la Serna, Herran, Peros, Nimri, Lopez, Peric, Acebo, Keuchkerian and Flores.

The Money heist season 4 is making a buzz everywhere. Recently, on twitter, there was kissing seen of the profession, which looks like a cherishing moment and a call for celebration. The tweet says, “Titula esto,” which means “title this.”

People started giving different titles, and at the same time, there were predictions to find out what is going to happen. People were waiting for the 2nd part of blooper!