Netflix’s Dream/Killer: Story of a father’s fight for Son turned out to be incredible and will keep you in the quest of why and what happened! (Spoiler Alert!)

Netflix has been producing many breathtaking and amazing shows recently. Be it suspense or adventure or any other genre, there are innumerable shows available to watch and the content is absolutely incredible.

So if you are a fan of crime and thrill, Netflix has absolutely the best thing for you to watch. The crime documentary Dream /killer is one of the best shows Netflix ever produced.

Dream/Killer Spoiler!!

The documentary is based on a real-life event where a father fights alone against the whole justice system for the freedom of his son who he believes is truly innocent.

The story takes us back to 2001 when a man named Heitholt was brutally murdered and left dead in a car. There was no clue on the case for two years and it was one of those unsolved cases that got forgotten.

However, the case took a completely different turn when there was a statement made against a boy named Charles. There was no information about who made the statement. Charles got investigated and he confessed that he thought of killing Hietholt!

However, he also revealed that he was high on drugs at the time and he was not sure whether he really killed him or not. Ryan came into the picture when Charles revealed that he was with him that day.

The case took an ugly turn and a series of events led to the arrest of Ryan! How he was released later and what led to his arrest remains a mystery and can only be known after watching the documentary!

The plot of the story is very intense and stays in the mind for a very long time. The climax of the documentary is really incredibly made and never allows the viewers to leave the movie till the last minute!

So if you are interested in criminals, this is a must-watch!