Netflix’s documentary ‘Tell Me Who I am’ Review: A gripping movie full of thrill and suspense

The documentary ‘Tell me who l am’ directed by Ed Perkins, creates a decent amount of thrill in the movie and filled with suspense. The movie was adapted from the book The Sunday Times Best Seller ‘Tell Me Who I AM’ by Alex Lewis and Marcus Lewis.

The movie describes the life of two twin brothers Alex and Marcus Lewis who belongs to the teenage having the age of 18. Alex Lewis wakes up from the coma after he got a motorcycle accident, he couldn’t remember anything. Alex was so injured and affected by the accident that he could not even remember his own name. The only thing which he does know that the person sitting nearby him is his identical twin brother.
Alex truly relies on Marcus to get his memories back to normal. But Alex’s brother Marcus paints his twin and conceals a dark family secret. After decades of hiding the painful truth of their past. Alex and Marcus both go out for a trip together to face the truth and finally discover the true identity of Alex Lewis. The film explores the blurred boundaries of memory and reality and the emotional bonds that allow us to survive.

The film was launched on 18th October on Netflix. The trailer was released on the 8th of October.

The movie would be a great choice for thrill loving people.