Netflix’s ‘Dark’ gets 3rd season and is all set to solve the mysteries!

Netflix’s” dark ” is all set for another addition of another season in the franchise!

The science-fiction time-traveling drama ended the second season on a very suspicious note and left everyone on dilemma! The web series is incredibly brilliant and fantastic and once you start watching, there’s no way back!

Some spoilers of season 2:

The second season ended with Jonas’s future self-killing his love of life in front of his present self! This left everyone confused and in a dilemma. Why did Jonas kill Martha whom he loved more than anyone else?

The younger Jonas is left weeping alone with Martha’s dead body when another Martha comes in front of him! But the other Martha was not from the future, in fact, she was from another planet!

The writers have introduced the concept of parallel worlds along with time traveling and that has made it, even more, better and incredible!

What can we expect from season 3?

The third season is all set to resolve the question that has been wandering around the viewers’ minds after the second season. Season 2 left many questions like what happened to Jonas’s mom?, Is Adam the real Jonas and most importantly, is Noah the bad guy or he is innocent? Well, soon the mystery is going to be solved!

Season 3 release date :

It has been officially confirmed that the shooting of the third season has started and will most probably stream on Netflix in mid-2020.