Netflix’s Bodyguard might go on for a renewal and fans are assured of a twisty plot.

Netflix definitely has ways to make it’s fans come back again and again. One of its famous ways is “Bodyguard.” The season 1 was definitely a wild ride as Richard Madden’s keeps blurting out “ma’am,……’am”. The first season of “Bodyguard” was initially premiered last summer on the BBC before it was made available on the streaming platform, and this surely made the viewers come back to Sergeant David Budd.

In the finale of the season 1, Sergeant David Budd faces the biggest challenge in his life, to convince his coworkers and his authorities that he was good and still is a good guy as he tries to get himself out of a suicide case.

Netflix's Bodyguard might go on for a renewal and fans are assured of a twisty plot. 3

Every time Netflix makes an announcement regarding the second installment of the series, fans are raising their hopes as they look ahead for the next season.

Officially, both Netflix and the BBC have not renewed the show. Since the numbers are showing really good signs, we might get the second season sooner. According to statistical reports, there were about 10.4 million viewers who had turned up for the finale when the show was broadcasted on the BBC. This was said to break a record since this has become the most-watched show from BBC in over ten years. “Bodyguard” has even received a 92% rating on the Rotten Tomatoes, and this has proved fans are not wrong to pray for the second season.

Along with with with all these numbers, the Golden Globe award that Richard Madden has won for the Best Actor under the category of Television Series Drama gives a sign that fans can still hope for the series to continue.

According to a report from the Hollywood Reporter, the creator of the show Jed Mercurio is known to have very active talks about bringing the second season back.

As per the reports from RadioTimes, Budd would become the bodyguard protecting a foreign dignitary or a member of the royal family.