Netflix’s Black Mirror going to shine back for the 6th Time? Season 5th end left us with speculation!!

One of the most popular series on Netflix- Black Mirror has already completed five successful laps and is not expected to stop anytime soon. This Charlie Brooker direction Black Mirror may be in for another season. Black Mirror started with its successful journey back in the year 2011 has gained a huge fan base internationally. The mind-blowing sci-fic series has managed to keep its audience hooked to the screens till the end, ironically depicting how technology is capable of manipulating the behavior of its originator kind.

This successful series released it’s the last set of episodes in June 2019 on Netflix, leaving its followers in awe and amazing as always. Even though no official statement has been released yet confirming another season of this iconic series and it is advised not to raise one’s hopes, yet the series seems far from being over.

It is typical of Netflix to hold off till the last countdown to reveal anything regarding the series anyway, which is pretty evident from the past, the fans may still hold on to that last straw. The success of the show in the past few years, especially with the last season, leaves the followers with nothing but partial confirmation regarding the comeback of the show. There is no specific time either for the fans to hold out to for the possible release date, but whenever it be great, things can surely be expected out of it.

Something that can also be expected out of the new possible season is the infinitely long interactive episode, Bandersnatch, which totally blew the minds of the audience with its last release. It was such a big success that the director of the show was quoted he would definitely try it again, even after the director expected himself never to try it again. All in all, whatever may come forward, it’s definitely going to be a big hit.