Netflix Thriller ‘Earthquake Bird’ Shows Something Darker Than Anticipated!

This is not a Haruki Murakami Novel, but a mystery that grows on you and seems abstract at times. The story might make you fell silly for digging so deep into it. This is not any ordinary thriller story for sure, but does involve all the power plays in it!

What is this all about ? Why is this woman framed for murder? This New Thriller will make you think! The characters are interwined with fate, lust and moreover a truth that is beyond normal understanding. Based on a popular novel,Netflix has yet again gifted a thriller that is surely thrilling indeed. It seems like Netflix is set with yet another thriller that sure looks promising. This Netflix thriller seems to be diving into some serious issues of feeling other or more psychological problems that are easy to define and definitely not easier to experience. Let us take a look in details.

Netflix Thriller With Larger Than Life Issues in It!

The thriller starts with a lady thinking that her experience is almost similar to what it’s like to be famous. Lily who has a knack for dancing and reading palms is living in Japan for the past five years. She is not quite bothered about the fact that she is being noticed. Her existence is not a simple one. What is the issue with this former nurse?

It seems like the truth is way too darker than it was anticipated and dangerous as well. The film has a well-connected plot of psychosexual issues that intertwines the characters. We know that Lucy will be the prime suspect in Lily’s death. But as one character says, ” We live in our own reality” What is this reality all about? How deep will the characters delve for the truth? The answers are not too far