Netflix still has not announced “Stranger Things” Season 4 but creators reveal big surprises!!

The final minutes of the third season of Stranger Things blew up the blueprint for the Netflix’s hit. We do not know if Hopper is dead or not. Eleven has horrifyingly lost her superpowers. Eleven and the Byers family have decided to move out of Hawkins, Indiana. Now, the Russians have Demogorgon along with a mystery American prisoner as their hostage.

Though Stranger Things 3 has ended in the most clueless way, Netflix has still not announced the season 4 officially yet. But Strangers Things creators Matt Duffer and Ross Duffer were prepared and know where the season 4 of Stranger Things would lead to.

Ross Duffer revealed that he constantly had discussions with the writers of Stranger Things so that they don’t get stuck in a corner and so that they are all set and in the right direction. Ross Duffer then went on to reveal that they do not know much but they know the big broad strokes of the series. He added that they know about Billy during season 2 and that Russians were going to join the story. He reflected that they do not know about the mall and the other related stuff but they know only the big things that change the course of the series.

Ross Duffer revealed that the audience was going to feel a lot different during the season 4 than season 3. He explained that season 4 is going to be exciting.

Matt Duffer had less to say but more to reveal. He said that the biggest thing that would happen in season 4 is that it is going to open up a little bit, not in terms of scale but in terms of special effects in the series. He added that season 4 is going to open up in the sense that would allow them into areas outside Hawkins.