Netflix Sets A Firm Foot, The Stranded: First Thai Web Series Clutches You Till End.

The streaming giant Netflix is entering firmly in Thai online streaming with ‘The Stranded’ aka “Kweng”. The show is full of thriller sequences and contains good horror elements that astonish you from time to time. Netflix figures its strategy to indulge the Thai world into the online streaming platform.

The cast includes some renowned faces which set the poster burnished including Bean Papangkorn Lerkchaleampote, the protagonist of the show who played Kraam 18-year-old boy who has some worrisome vision in the night. He is a fisherman’s son who eventually emerges as a saviour for the crew.

Catchy Plot, Loads Of Mysteries And Survivor Chronicles

A devastating tsunami hits the hometown of Kraam, an island. Plot advances with 37 teenagers trapped in tsunami hit Remote Island in the Andaman Sea. Soon the reality hit the group that no one is going to be their saviour. The plot holds many suspense’s which seems to point in one direction. Kraam takes the responsibility of the crew and decides to lift the jeopardy. Theories related to portal, gate soon start to emerge.

Every aspect starts to knock your mind. why jungle lagoon emits boiling water? What does rusty tape mean? Why sudden storms. Who are Kraam’s real parents what does that dagger mean? And many more to answer. Thus, Season 2 would be quite interesting to watch as many truths will come to the surface.

The Stranded is coming on Netflix. Picture: Netflix


Soon We Will Hear About Season 2!

‘The Stranded’ season 1 was premiered on November 15, 2019. No official announcement has been made yet. Though season 1 ended on a very sloppy note there is a good chance that show would be revived. The estimated release of season 2 would be in sometime November 2020. Besides Netflix will try to bound the Thai public through this series.