Netflix series: The End of the F***ing World; Here’s everything about the Release date, plot and cast of Season 2

The End of The F***ing World is a dark comedy series.

The initial season was premiered on TV but could not make an impact. It then got aired on Netflix and suddenly became one of the top shows. The series is based on Charles Forsman’s series of comic books.

The plot revolves around two teenagers Alyssa and James. The characters are played by Jessica Barden and Alex Lawther, respectively. They decide to go on a road trip to find Alyssa’s dad.

However, James decides to kill Alyssa at first. As the story unwinds, we see that James changes his mind. The two kinda develop affection towards one another. Though, this bond of admiration is strange.

The first season premiered on August 2018. After months of the release of Season 1, Netflix and Channel 4 announced it’s comeback as season 2. Season 2 is also written by Charlie Covell.

All the fans are waiting in anticipation of the next season.

Release Date: November 4th is officially announced as the release date of Season 2 of ‘The End of the F***ing World’. The shoot had already begun on 4th March. For UK fans, you can watch the show on Channel 4 at 10 pm on 4th November.

For the US fans, you can watch the show on Netflix from the next day of the launch, which is 5th November onwards.

Cast: The cast includes Alex Lawther as James and Jessica Barden as Alyssa in the lead role. Gemma Whelan plays the role of a cop Eunice, who tries to track both James and Alyssa. Wunmi Mosaku is a murder squad detective DC Teri Donoghue.

The show also stars Steve Oram as James’ dad, Christine Bottomley as Alyssa’s mother, Navin Chowdhry playing Alyssa’s stepfather, and Barry Ward as character Leslie.

In the trailer released, we can see Alyssa wearing a wedding gown and wants to give her life a fresh start. A new character Bonnie (played by Naomi Ackie) is introduced. He is causes trouble and has a prior connection to Alyssa.