Netflix ‘s unsolved mysteries season 3 is possessing its magic among the audience

After two seasons Unsolved Mysteries is Breaking Netflix Crime Formula

Unsolved Mysteries volume 3 started streaming on 18 October on Netflix, Trailor of series dropped on 5th October. The Haunting Trailor gave the glimpse of some creepy and supernatural stories, which is giving chills.

Crime scene
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 The previous first season was released on 1st July 2020 and second on 19 October 2020. Now, after two years Netflix has released volume 3 of the series, the show solves real life based true crime event.

Reboot of the original ‘Unsolved Mysteries’ series

Netflix have rebooted the series Unsolved Mysteries; Created by john Crosgrove and terry Dunn Meurer, ‘Unsolved Mysteries’ which was originally started on 20 January 1987, it was an American mystery documentary television show. Documenting Supernatural phenomena and cold cases, it began as a series of seven specials, presented by Raymond Burr, Karl Malden and Robert Stack, show was Hosted by American Actor Robert Stack.

Robert Stock
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Mr. stack who was known for his deep voice and commanding presence hosted the show from 1987 to 2002, 230 episodes that featured more than 1,300 unsolved cases. Ranging from paranormal phenomena to grisly murders, at least 260 cold cases were solved.

Unfortunately, after nine seasons on NBC, the series moved to CBS for its 10th season on November 13,1997, CBS failed the series only after two seasons. On 20 September 2002 show released its final episode. And cancelled the show.

Volume 3 “Unsolved Mysteries”

Netflix recreated the series and tried gave people Nostalgic feels, but the first two seasons of the series didn’t create much interest among the audience as the original series.

Now in the third season, Unsolved mysteries’ is finally possessing the magic. Trailor of the series shows some glimpse of upcoming episodes, the usual murders and disappearance of people, reuniting with loved ones will be shown.

Solved cases
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Mystery at Mile Marker 45, 2. Something in the sky and 3. Body in bags, these episodes have been released on Netflix and the remaining episodes of season 3 will be released later.

Watch the Trailor of Unsolved Mysteries Volume 3