Netflix Is Bringing Back 90s Iconic Game Show Supermarket Sweep For Streaming! Check it out.

In order to keep all the subscribers entertained during this lockdown period, streaming giant Netflix has been launching new shows and films at all times. Recently, they have revived an iconic 90s show and fans are really happy about it.

Iconic Supermarket Sweep Is Available On Streaming Service, Netflix For Streaming! Here’s What We Know.

Apparent, the streaming giant announced on Twitter that all the episodes of the popular game show Supermarket Sweep will be available for streaming. The grocery store competition has been a high hit back in the 90s and is revived by Nefflix. Take a look at the Twitter feed posted by Netflix’s official page.

Earlier the show has been picked up several times by different networks including lifetime and Pax. The initial format used to have men going around the store while the women used to answer all the questions regarding the price. By the end of the game, the winning team got to keep what they earned along with the chance of returning for the next episode.

The Show Has Been A Popular One Since The 90s. Have a Look.

However, later many small secrets about the game show were discovered as revealed by a former contestant Mike Futia. As states in the supermarket were actually smaller than it looked like it ok screen. They were relatively small. Moreover, according to Futia, one has to be careful while running with the cameraman so that one cannot bump into another group.

Netflix has been reviving many classic shows back into their streaming service,  including some of the real life crime series as well. Fans are really getting loads of content to have a day long binge -watch fest.