Netflix Finally Sets Release Date for its Highly Popular Korean Teen Drama ‘Love Alarm’ Season 2!

From Kingdom and Itaewon Class to Extracurricular and Rugal, Netflix has some phenomenal Korean dramas accessible on their platform. One of those K-show examples of overcoming adversity was been ‘Love Alarm’, a youngster romance series that performed splendidly across the world when it originally debuted this time a year ago.

love alarm season 2


Notwithstanding, only two days before the series was planned to make a victorious return in August 2020, the series was deferred. Another release date for season 2 has as of late been uncovered, so when will the hit series return for additional episodes? In August 2020, fans of Love Alarm were baffled to discover that season 2 had been postponed only two days before the series was planned to get back to Netflix.

Notwithstanding, it has as of late been affirmed that the hit K-show will get back to our screens in March. On Valentines Day, Netflix Korea imparted the news to the subtitle: “On Valentine’s Day, we didn’t know what to give you, so we presented to you this. Like a present, the second period of ‘Love Alarm’ is coming to you. On March 12, encounter Netflix.”


Love Alarm is quite possibly the most well-known sentimental show made by Netflix. This series is a treat to look for all sentimental dramatization lovers. The story revolves around three teens Hwang Sun-Oh, Hye-Yeong, and Kim Jojo. The existence of these young people takes an intense turn when they get acquainted with another application called Love Alarm. This application has the highlights of a dating application however with a slight turn. So this application essentially tracks one’s perfect partner inside nearness of 10km. Additionally, it can possibly associate with the client’s heart so they can be gotten in the event that they are lying. In the main season, we saw that Hwang and Lee are companions for a very long time.

love alarm season 2

However, things take a turn when they succumb to a similar young lady Jojo. We saw how Jojo is in a problem to picked among Hye and Hwang. So in Love Alarm Season 2, it will be fascinating to check whether Jojo really takes the correct choice. In the event that yes whom will she decide? Likewise, the explanation that Jojo is protected from having a heart associated with the application will be uncovered in the forthcoming season. There is a theory that these youngsters may be acquainted with a bit refreshed form of the application. Aside from that, we can expect Love Alarm Season 2 to reveal insight into the thought process of the application engineer.

Is it accurate to say that he is identified with Kim Jojo? Additionally, the forthcoming season will test the connection between Hwang and Hye. Will they head out in different directions on the off chance that they come to realize that they love a similar young lady? Indeed, the impending season will uncover everything!

love alarm season 2


Love Alarm season 2 was deferred due to issues related to the Covid pandemic, per sources. This denoted the principal major COVID-related deferral for a Netflix K-show and one of the most exceedingly terrible ‘a minute ago’ delays on the platform. The issues that Love Alarm season 2 experienced are undoubtedly identified with the after creation altering, as recording supposedly finished up back in June.

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