Netflix Dolly Parton’s Heartstrings: A collection of stories put to Music! Get ready to add it to your Binge watch list!!

The first trailer for Dolly Parton’s upcoming Netflix series Heartstrings has been released!

The eight-episode story collection, titled Heartstrings, will showcase the memories, stories, and inspirations behind some of Dolly’s most heart-touching songs, including Two Doors Down, If I Had Wings, JJ Sneed, These old Bones, Down from Dover, Cracker Jack, Sugar Hill, and Jolene.

Cast of Heartstrings

Heartstrings stars Kimberly Williams-Paisley, Kathleen Turner, Gerald McRaney, Delta Burke, Ginnifer Goodwin, Julianne Hough, Timothy Busfield, and Melissa Leo. Dolly will make an appearance in each of these episodes.

Based on the trailer, the series will take us back to the period and place when Dooly was growing, which includes the 70s Nashville and the Old West.

We might witness a Gay story!

In one of the stories, we will witness a potential same-sex romance between two men, which sounds unacceptable for that time.

Dolly is a massive supporter of the LGBTQ community and has been a helping hand for one of her family members to come out, so the storyline is a possibility.

Dolly told People Magazine in one of her 2016 interviews: “Actually, I’ve had many people through the years who I have helped to feel good about themselves. I say, ‘You need to let people know who you are and you need to come on out.

“’ You don’t need to live your life in darkness – what’s the point in that? You’re never gonna be happy; you’re gonna be sick. You’re not gonna be healthy if you try to suppress your feelings and who you are.’”

She added: “I have a huge gay and lesbian following, and I’m proud of ’em, I love ’em and I think everybody should be themselves and be allowed to be themselves whoever they are, whatever they are.”

Heartstrings premiere is on 22 November on Netflix.

Dolly has always enjoyed telling stories through her music, and by this series, she is opening and bringing her favorite songs and stories of her life. She hopes to inspire and entertain families and folks of all generations by her stories!