Netflix, Disney+, Amazon Prime, Hulu? Which is the Best Streaming Platform for your Entertainment?

Disney+ has launched today and it is quite easy to assume that Disney executives would want to talk investors.

Disney CEO Bob Iger spent a major portion of the time talking about another major streaming service which the company owns “Hulu”. The streaming service currently has more than 28.5 million subscribers.

The reports say that Hulu lacks original programming compared to Netflix and other streaming sites such as HBO Max and Peacock. Many users admit that such other streaming sites could make Hulu unnecessary for the subscription. Disney now owns Fox, FX might change that.

Hulu is going to become the premier streaming home for FX titles which may begin in March 2020. FX is considered to be one of the prestigious television networks. FX has won fifty-seven Emmy awards so far since 2014. Also, FX has won more Golden Globe awards compared to others like Netflix, HBO, Amazon Prime. Having FX content exclusively on Hulu could give it an extra edge and add another level prestige to streaming service.

Streaming service Netflix struggles in maintaining the balance between having good shows and movies and providing a constant stream of new content.

The recent analysis from Disney’s earning it is clear that despite all the attention Disney+ is getting right now, Hulu still matters and an important part of Disney. Disney wants to keep Hulu quite worthy of the monthly subscription.