Netflix: Black Mirror Season 6! What to expect and how can it be different from season 5?

British science fiction anthology television series is all set to hit the screens once again with its brand new season. After the success of season 5, creators are already looking ahead to season 6.

Updates on season 6, release dates and cast:

The black mirror premiered in 2011. The first two seasons of the black mirror aired on Channel 4. Later, Netflix purchased the program. Since then, an interactive film and three seasons have been released.
The fifth season of the series was released on 5th June 2019. As much as any other season of black mirror, season 5 is set on a similar plot of telling stories about the possibilities of technology and the unexpected ways tech and humanity intersect.
Season 5 is underwhelming for most of the viewers. Viewers were expecting the season to match the intensity and storyline of ‘Bandersnatch.’ ‘Bandersnatch’ released in late 2018, it was a single movie type episode.

As soon as its release it gained a lot of appreciation.
The cast of the black mirror is different every season. Fans look forward surprises in a cast every season. There also can be some big names in the cast as there were in season 5. Likes of Anthony Mackie, Miley Cyrus, and Bryce Dallas Howard starred in season 5. One can say the creators pick the best ones.
Season 5 aired on 5th June 2019. So, we can expect it to release by the end of 2020 or in early 2021.

Plot and plans:

Netflix hasn’t officially confirmed the release date, but according to sources season, six is going to happen. The creators of the black mirror also dropped a hint regarding the release of the new season in a recent interview. We can’t say about the plot as it doesn’t seem connected to previous seasons. Whatever the plot is, the core of the plot will remain the same. The complicated relationship between the individual, technology, and the wider society will remain the most important.

Black Mirror season 6 is on the cards. Fans can expect many Easter eggs coming there way post the release of season 6.