Neighbours Comes To An End: Channel 5 Will No Longer Broadcast The Show

Channel 5 To Shut Down Neighbours

Neighbours is an Australian television soap opera. It was first broadcasted on 18th of March 1985 on Seven Network. Reg Watson, a television executive was the creator of the television show.

Even after success in Melbourne, they could not achieve a lot in Sydney, due to which the show was cancelled from Seven Network after four months of their release. It achieved huge popularity in the United Kingdom and in 2008 it moved to ViscomCBS owned Channel 5 since it was largely paid by UK broadcasters.

Recently, in February 2022, Channel 5 said that they will no longer broadcast the show on the channel from August 2022.

Channel 5 broadcasting Neighbours
From Twitter @NeighboursTV

Thank You! Says Channel 5 After Cancelling The Show

The television soap is on its 37th season, and 1.5 million people in UK watches it everyday. As per Variety, Channel 5 spokesperson said that the show will no longer air on that channel after the summers. Further, he said that everyone loves the show and was a part of their schedule for more than a decade. Thereafter, he was thanksgiving to the cast for their efforts and the production team for their brilliant work.

Neighbours show cast
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Further, he thanked all the fans for their loyal support towards the show. He provides everyone the reason for the decision they took. He said that they are focusing toward investing on original UK Drama.

Producer’s Call

The producer of this series, Fermantle told that Channel 10 on which they are ongoing would continue to air. Further, he puts a condition that only if the show gets a new broadcaster.

The decision is still ongoing and there is no new broadcaster but the urge to get one is still in progress. If the show does not find any, it will be shut down.