NEEDTOBREATHE: Bear Rinehart comes up with his solo hit!

With two decades of experience under his belt, Bear Rinehart, founder and lead singer of the Grammy-nominated band NEEDTOBREATHE has embarked upon a journey as a solo artist under the name Wilder Woods. The moniker is a combination of his sons’ names together.


The singer announced his new venture by releasing two singles from his Introducing Wilder Woods album. The first two singles, “Sure Ain’t” and “Someday Soon,” was followed by the release of a third single “Supply and Demand.” The soles do retain the familiar sound of the singer-songwriter, while also showcasing the different paths he wanted to experiment with while approaching his music. The folk-rock and soul singer highlighted his new project, with raspy vocals in the “Sure Ain’t” single. The third single, “Supply and Demand” on the other hand, features a relaxed pop tune.

NEEDTOBREATHE: Bear Rinehart comes up with his solo hit! 3
Bear Rinehart.

The singer in an interview shared how he had always wanted to try a solo project, despite six successful full-length albums. Rinehart’s eagerness to work with other artists and to challenge himself prompted him to commence on this journey. “It’s something I set up to make sure I wouldn’t be my old self, to challenge myself to keep growing as a person. Not for any sort of marketing,” said Rinehart. He elaborated, “I wanted people who do something completely different than I do, to be in there with pop track guys and people who make dance records and that sort of thing. It was kind of exploratory, but I wanted to be scared out of my comfort zone.”

NEEDTOBREATHE: Bear Rinehart comes up with his solo hit! 4Being a family man, the project has allowed the singer to be with his family more. Apart from the name Wilder Woods being a combination of his sons’ names, his wife also participated in the album, by being in the music video for “Sure Ain’t.” The singer shared, “It’s also a reminder to keep my family included – something that is really difficult to do when you’re on the road with your band.”
Bear Rinehart will be touring as Wilder Woods this September, and it will be a new experience for both the singer and his fans. The fans of the band going to concerts should go expecting to see a complete side of the singer.


Check out the songs on his website here.