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Natasha Perez Fears For Her Own Safety As She Is Set To Play Yolanda Salvidar On Selena: The Series!

The newly released series Selena: The Series recently made its debut on the streaming platform, Netflix and has already managed to create a buzz around.

Natasha Perez Is Going To Play The Role Of Yolanda Salvidar In Selena: The Series!

The series is based on the life of the legendary singer and the undisputed queen of Tejano music, Selena Quintanilla. Her success story is an inspiration to itself, and as the series is described as a celebration of her life and music that she left behind for all her fans.

Selena Quintanilla became a huge sensation in the music industry but was gone too soon after she was murdered by Yolanda Saldivar, creating a huge controversy following Selena’s death. Now, Natasha Perez is all set to play Yolanda on-screen and the actor might be a bit concerned for her safety. While she was not shown much in the first season, her character will get more screen space in the second season.


The Actress Is A Bit Concerned For Her Own Safety As She Set To Play Yolanda On Screen.

While the actor is quite excited to portray such a complicated role on screen, the human in her is also quite concerned for her safety as fans sometimes find it difficult to separate the character from the performer and might confuse her with the real life murderer.

Natasha also wanted to meet the real-life, Yolanda in prison but did not do so out of respect for Selena’s family. The actor also made it quite clear that the series is about her life either than her in timely death. While Yolanda’s character is there to add tension to what’s going on but it is not all.

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