Natalie Merchant’s new album is finally here – What to expect from this long-awaited release

Natalie Merchant’s New Album – Keep Your Courage

After a long wait of nearly seven years, Natalie Merchant has finally announced her upcoming album titled “Keep Your Courage.” It is her first album of new music since her 2014 self-titled LP and features ten songs, including a cover of “Hunting the Wren” by Lankum. The album has been produced and written by Merchant and will be released on April 14, 2023, via Nonesuch Records. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at what we can expect from Natalie’s latest music offering.

Album Overview:

Album Name:

Keep Your Courage


1. “Far from Home”
2. “Come On, Aphrodite” (Feat. Abena Koomson-Davis)
3. “The Curse”
4. “The House of the Rising Sun”
5. “Hunting the Wren” (Lankum cover)
6. “Prayer for the Unborn”
7. “The Weeping Willow”
8. “Lonely Sea”
9. “Keep Your Courage”
10. “As Morning Light”

Album Production and Collaborations:


Natalie Merchant


  • Celtic folk group LĂșnasa
  • Syrian clarinet player Kinan Azmeh
  • Jazz trombonist Steve Davis


Gabriel Kahane, Stephen Barber, Colin Jacobsen, Megan Gould, among others.

About the Album:

The album features nine original songs that have been written by Natalie Merchant herself, along with a Lankum cover “Hunting the Wren.” The album’s first single “Come On, Aphrodite” is a perfect example of the album’s overall mood and theme. The song features guest vocals by Resistance Revival Chorus musical director, Abena Koomson-Davis.

Merchant’s album explores themes of love, passion, hope, and courage. Navigating through themes of affection and sweetness, and even touching on darker tones of pain and struggle, Natalie’s unique style is evident throughout the album.

The album is full of life, and each song has its unique character. Natalie has been continuously reinventing herself, and this album is no exception.

Album Release and Tour:

The album Keep Your Courage is set to release on April 14, 2023, via Nonesuch Records. Natalie will be a part of the “Festival International de Jazz de Montreal” on June 29th where she is expected to perform some of her new songs. Later this year, Natalie is scheduled to embark on a North American tour, starting on August 24, and running until September 27. She will be touring with her band, who are known for their captivating live performances.

Natalie Merchant’s Thoughts on the Album:

“Keep Your Courage” is about finding the strength to face life’s challenges. Throughout the album, I have explored different aspects of human emotions. The album has a range of songs, from joyous celebrations of love, to somber reflections on grief and pain. I believe all these emotions are essential parts of our lives, and exploring them helps us grow as human beings,” stated Natalie Merchant.


After a long wait of almost seven years, Natalie Merchant’s new album “Keep Your Courage” is finally set to release. The album explores a range of human emotions, including themes of love, passion, pain, and hope. Natalie’s unique sound combined with her exceptional songwriting makes this album a must-listen, a bold take on her continual reinventing music style, and yet another valuable addition to her already incredible repertoire. Her upcoming tour is also a perfect chance to see her perform her latest songs.


1. What is Natalie Merchant’s new album titled?

The album is called “Keep Your Courage.”

2. When will Natalie Merchant release her new album?

The album is set to release on April 14, 2023.

3. What are the themes explored by Natalie Merchant in her new album?

The album explores themes of love, passion, hope, and courage.

4. When is Natalie Merchant’s upcoming tour?

The tour starts on August 24 and runs until September 27, 2023.

5. Which venue will Natalie Merchant be performing at on June 29, 2023?

Natalie Mercer will be performing at the “Festival International de Jazz de Montreal” on June 29, 2023.