Nanny a “sex predator” allegedly raped 11-year to get pregnant? Jailed for 20 years after giving birth to the child!

A nanny was titled “sex predator” after it was found out that she had a baby boy with an 11-year-old boy. This “sex predator” nanny is now facing charges and is going to be in prison for 20 years.

Marissa Mowry was a live-in nanny and has had sexually assaulted the boy at least 15 times as she lived under his roof. During the time, the boy was only 11 years old and Marissa Mowry was 22 years old.

According to the reports, Marissa Mowry had the 11-years-old boy son in October 2014 and has come to know that she was pregnant in January of the same year.

Image: Metro

Reportedly, Marissa Mowry and the boy had continued their sex relationship until he was 14 years old. And it was then that the boy felt something was off and has informed his parents about the incidents and what happened in Brandon, Florida.

The boy is now 17-years-old and is trying is very best to finish his schooling as he tries to be the best dad in the most possible ways.

The boy was present in the court as Marissa Mowry got locked up and the boy must complete his sex offender probation for about 10 years when she is released.

The mother of the boy has informed the Spectrum News 9 after the charges given to both her son and Marissa Mowry that she has always thought of Marissa as her second daughter.

Initially, Marissa Mowry claimed that the boy had forced himself onto her but later the truth was revealed after a taped phone call of her with the boy was presented as evidence.

When Marissa Mowry gave birth to the child, the boy’s parents had thought that the child (a boy) was her boyfriend’s child. But later when the boy has claimed what has happened, they have got the child a few DNA tests and these tests revealed that the boy was the father.

But looking on the brightest side, the mother of the boy said that her son has become the most amazing dad a person will ever meet.