Nancy Drew: The CW’s Famous Mystery Thriller Comes to an End with Season 4

The CW’s ”Nancy Drew” will cease with season four

The fourth season of the mystery thriller Nancy Drew, starring McMann, Riley Smith Star, Tunji Kasim, Maddison Jaizani, Leah Lewis, Scott Wolf, and Alex Saxon, will mark the show’s closure. This show is a CBS Studios and Fake Empire joint venture, with Stephanie Savage, Hsu Taylor, Josh Schwartz, Landau, Alex Taub, Lis Rowinski, S. Lily Hui, and Larry Teng serving as executive producers.

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Nancy Drew’s Story

In Nancy Drew, a teen mystery drama, Nancy, a renowned teen detective, solves mysteries—both natural and supernatural—in her spooky hometown of Horseshoe Bay, Maine.

The CW

The CW recently announced the discontinuation of seven shows, the most recent of which was Nancy Drew.

The CW is being taken over by Nexstar this month, and CEO Mark Pedowitz resigned as president of the network after more than ten years in charge, which is why these shows are being cancelled.


In order to make The CW profitable for the first time, Nexstar will concentrate on the network’s future, giving more attention to affiliates and less expensive original shows. Nexstar had purchased 75% of The CW, thus sealing Pedowitz’s future.

Nancy Drew: Cast and Crew Opinions

The series’ showrunners, Ingrid, Taylor, and Landau, expressed their pleasure and happiness at working for years with incredible actors, crew members, and studio and network partners to bring Nancy Drew’s personality and resiliency to life.

They expressed their gratitude to the audience for their steadfastness, eagerness, and support throughout their journey and said they felt honoured to bring the series to a close with generosity, inclusivity, and thoughtfulness, as well as a number of unexpected plot twists and indulging romance along the way. They added that the fourth season would be a deserving and impactful reward for the fans’ unfailing love and devotion.

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McMann said it was a wonderful feeling to start her career by contributing in every little way to Nancy Drew’s unbounded legacy. She claimed it was an honour to walk in her footsteps for as long as she had, to be motivated by her, and to advance alongside her. She expressed how passionate the crew was and how amazing the show was, and she gave the fans her heartfelt thanks.

Season Four Premiere Dates

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The final mystery will be solved by Nancy Drew in Season 4. The Nancy Drew season 4 launch date has not yet been revealed, but if reports are to be believed, it will air on The CW in early 2023, somewhere around midseason.