Nancy Drew Season 3 Ends with a Hint for Season 4; Finale Explained

Nancy Drew Season 3 Ends But Creates Demand For Season 4

Nancy Drew is an American mystery and drama television series based on supernatural and titular character. It is produced by CBS Studios and adopted my THE CW. Nancy Drew is the narrator of the series and Kennedy McMann is playing the role of Nancy Drew.

The series has three seasons till date and the final episode of the third season was on 28th of January 2022.

The end of the season three was not less than a nail-biter. There are more than few scenes which brings the viewers on the edges of their seat and drive fans to think for the payoff. This creates the demand for the renewal of season 4.

Kennedy McMann as Nancy Drew
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What Happened In The Season 3?

In the last season, Nancy (Kennedy McMann) acted on her feelings for Ace. She did it after he died in her arms in a brutal car crash after their one month bond of togetherness. When he dies, Nancy realises, it was her illusion due to the curse by Temperance (Olivia Taylor Dudley). The illusion showed what will happen in reality if she acted her feelings for Ace.

This is the last curse she gets from Ace after she kills her, bringing an end to the supernatural apocalypse before anyone who dies in Horseshoe Bay.

Knowing the curse on her and her last month memories and illusion, she pushes Ace away from her to save his life. The Drew Crew got parted to their new path. No one was aware of their new life was once and for all changed due to the action of Nancy.

To keep herself away from Ace, Nancy opens her Nancy Drew Investigation to devote herself to solve mystery.

Finger Crossed For Season 4

Commenting on this, Melinda said that they are crossing their fingers for the renewal of season 4. In an interview, the showrunner, Melinda said that the new season might renew. It will include Ace questioning Nancy that why did she run out from his house and what is the trouble with her?

This was a sorrowful and melancholy end of the season for Nancy. If there will be no teaser for the return of season 4, it will create a riot.