Name something, Selena has not done. From music, to movies and big brand collaborations, she has it all. But how much money does she own?

Selena Gomez, an all-rounder girl, is already hot on the heels of some stuff, after taking a break from the spotlight.

Her latest movie, The Dead don’t Die has already been released. Last year, she’d also released the third season of the show, she executive produced, 13 Reasons Why, and an activewear line with Puma. So, she is also getting some Netflix money. Her paycheck clearly reflects, from music to movies, Selena had her hands in a lot.

We have seen Selena from her childhood, till her teenage,  and adulthood. For making her net worth something out of this world, she’s been working since she was a young girl.

In A Family of Wizards with Magical Powers show, Selena played the role of the daughter. She supposedly made $30,000 per episode, according to money incorporated. She includes a long list of movie roles as her career expanded. Selena broke the record for the longest active run in 2018 with her single, Back to You.

Selena has been on many tours in her music career. The star dance tour grossed a massive $20.3 million at the box office, while the revival tour made even grossed higher with $35 million. Kmart released a clothing line collaboration with Selena in 2010 called, Dream Out Loud. From 2010 to 2014, clothing line sold at the retailer.

She also had collaborated with Puma, an athletic wear brand. Selena is making more than 30 million dollars from her Puma deal. Selena had also been the most followed person on Instagram. Hence, she was paid $800,000 per Instagram post, before she was dethroned.

$75 million is the overall and approximate net worth, that Selena owns till 2019 end. More has certainly rolled in since the start of 2020.

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