Mýa Marie Harrison Net worth; Singing was not always her forte

Mya Marie Harrison was born on October 10th, 1979, in Washington, D.C. Her father was a musician and a singer, while her mother was an Italian American, a bookseller.

After finishing high school at the age of 16, Mya ended up taking a few lessons at Maryland University, College Park. Since she was a child, she was involved in dancing. During her childhood, she even took violin lessons, but she focused mostly on music.

Mya Harrison began her career in 1998 when she debuted with an album called “It’s all about me” and played the song. She was previously named as a teacher in dance. She turned to singing after her dance career. When her dad realized that Mya had a true singing ability, he began to teach her, and he could make a good singer of his daughter.

In her career, Mya worked hard to achieve the level she is at. She was a good TV artist so far, as her prizes and achievements prove. Her first award was won in 2002 by Mya, a Grammy Prize in the Best Pop class. She has now been nominated and won several awards.

Mya has both a professional and an individual with a positive personality. In addition to her dedication to succeed, she has this soft spot in her heart for those who need compassion and empathy.

The net worth of Mya Harrison is expected to be $6 Million according to online reports, which have helped her to live her glamorous lifestyle. If you look at its success, you can claim that every year it earns a huge sum. Mya is personally interested in social media.  She has a large number of fans on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.