My Octopus Teacher: This New Netflix Documentary Is About A Beautiful Bond With An Octopus! Why is the character Craig Foster so popular?

What if we told you that Netflix is making a documentary on an Octopus who seems to have changed aged the filmmaker’s life in ways you cannot even imagine.

Netflix’s Upcoming Documentary Is About An Unlikely Bond Of Friendship.

In this upcoming documentary titled My Octopus Teacher, filmmaker Craig Foster recalls how he ended up striking an unconventional bond with this one Octopus while living in a kelp forest off the ‘Cape of Storms’ in South Africa. It was almost like a teacher who changed Foster’s perspective and how he looked at nature. Here’s the official trailer of this special documentary that is worth out time and attention. Don’t miss out on the breathtaking view of the underwater world.

This bond became stronger with time and fans are about to see an unconventional bond that seems so remarkably with every single passing time. The filmmaker then documented the behavior of the Octopus in its natural habitat and it was filmed over a full year. He discovered loads of intriguing things while doing the documentary. 

Filmmaker Craig Foster Has Been Covering The Whole Documentary As He Develops A Bond With The Octopus.

Craig also stated that he could.understand that the Octopus was showing signs of friendship and she would come.out and be vulnerable in front of him. Moreover, it is indeed a big thing as these are creatures that are extremely wary, given the fact that the Great African Sea Forest has a number of predators going around.

As the trailer suggests, it all starts from the day he unknowingly started this beautiful journey, the documentary is currently streaming exclusively on Netflix. You sure don’t want to miss this story for sure.