My Mind & Me is Selena Gomez’s Life Journey of Many Ups & Downs Set to Arrive on November 4

Selena Gomez Talks Mental Health in My Mind & Me

It’s not every day that a famous young artist comes up with their own documentary of life. Alek Keshishian’s Apple Documentary on “Selena Gomez’s: My mind & Me,” is been in talks for quite some time now.

With the trailer already released, fans are already waiting eagerly for the release of the documentary which would be officially launched in November 2022. Before that, we would like to share with you a little insight into the said documentary we received from our sources.

Selena Gomez | My Mind & Me
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About Trailer & Release Date

As we had a little sneak peek into the Gomez World in its teaser, the latest trailer release on Monday, 10th October, is more fascinating to watch as it reveals a few clear theme scenes in its process. With ups & downs, walks & runs, sad & joy, the journey is said to be covered with real-life experiences an individual had lived through her life for the past six years. As we know this waited journey would be released this year on the 4th of November, fans have been really thrilled to watch it and have been showering love all over social media.

The Journey

It seems the walk through this road says a lot about mental health. As a mental awareness volunteer, Selena spoke about it on various platforms.

Recently, on Mental Health Day in The White House, she said that “I don’t take my platform lightly. I’m not perfect. I’m human. I have things that I walk through” which absolutely resembles her life in ‘My mind & me’.

Selena Gomez | My Mind & Me

Selena had been diagnosed with depression and anxiety in her past and the trailer of My Mind & Me already seems inspiring and uplifting overcoming the tragic incidents which clouded her life. The sky is clear now with a bit of thunder every now and then.


It is no secret that this amazing artist went through a lot in her life as the activities have all been spread on social media. But what is the real story? What did a person go through in the background of her reel life? How did she overcome from some and how is she still dealing with some in her current life?

For that, stay tuned to Morning Picker and we will keep you updated on the latest news of My Mind & Me.