My Holo Love: Is the Korean Sci-fi drama worth a watch? Peep into the article for any details

My Holo Love, the recently released Netflix original series features human- AI romance.

The cast of My Holo Love

Directed by Lee Sang-yeop, the South Korean series casts Yoon Hyun-Min and Ko Sung-Hee in the lead roles. Yoon HyunMin is playing two characters in the series while ChanSung is playing in the drama as a supporting role. Lee Sang-yeop and Yoon Jong-ho have directed the entire season together. Ryu Yong-jae, Choi Sung-joon and Kim Hwan-chae wrote the story of the series. The Sci-fi romance drama was released on Netflix on 7 February 2020.

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The plot of Season 1 of Netflix originals Korean drama

The drama revolves around a lady SoYeon who struggles with pain  and suffers with face blindness disorder. She looks towards her AI beta model secretary Holo and catches feelings for it She later discovers that its developer Nan-Do has the same face as of the secretary but a totally different personality. Holo, the secretary becomes visible to the lady only through the hologlass and starts learning human emotions seeing SoYeon in difficulties. Meanwhile Nan-Do starts feeling affectionately for SoYeon. For the 12 episodes dedicated to show, the lady keeps up her fights with miseries in search of real happiness. While Nan-Do keeps himself struggling with his mother’s dreadful death. The season finale gets the audience back in time to solve the queries regarding Nan-Do’s mother.

The streaming giant may announce a news for the renewal of the show for another season if the first part manages to gather a nice response by the audience. Apparently this is getting true as the released season of My Holo Love is being well received by the very audience. In the second season, audience may witness a continued love-story between SoYeon and Nan-Do.