My Hero Academia Season 4: New Trailer Released; Know About The Plot And Release Date Of The New Season 

My Hero Academia has become a hit, in Japan as well as internationally. The popular anime has completed three seasons and a movie already. The series follows a group of high school students at U.A. High. But this is not about normal teenage life. These teenagers are training to become future professional heroes. And so, Izuku Midoriya and his friends go through many hurdles to achieve their dream. 

The third season wrapped up in September 2018. And now that a year has passed, fans are waiting for the 4th season to air. If you are one of them, we got you! We have compiled all the necessary information about the new installment below. 

What Is Going To Happen In Season 4? 

Season 3 of the anime ended with the arrival of U.A. High’s most talented students. The frontrunner Mirio Togato tells other students to get ready for their next challenge –becoming an intern to already established heroes. According to the manga, the internship will be the major theme of the 4th season. Midoriya and gang will learn and grow from helping out the professional heroes on their quests. Also, the 4th season will show how evil villains become more and more powerful. 

When Is Season 4 Getting Released? 

My Hero Academia’s new season will premiere in Japan on October 12! You can catch the episodes on Crunchyroll if you’re not in Japan. As for the dubbed version, it may take a few weeks for that to reach audiences. According to sources, Adult Swim’s Toonami just might showcase the anime on its channel as well. 

And just like previous seasons, the new one will have 25 episodes. 

Has The Trailer For The New Season Released Yet? 

Yet, it has! You can find the official trailer as well as the English-dubbed trailer on YouTube channels Funimation and IGN, respectively.