My Hero Academia Season 4 latest updates: Episode 1 released and got the Mixed feeling. Will it be able to fulfill the expectation of the audience??

My Hero, Academia, has emerged as one of the most successful and popular anime in recent years. With successful three seasons and a feature film, this anime show is surely on everyone’s bucket list.

My Hero Academia Season 4 Plot and release date:

It’s the third season that ended in September 2018, and the fourth season Aired on 12 October in Japan. It’s the first time in Japanese history that an anime is not being released in the spring anime season. It’s being released in the fall season.

The fourth season is a direct sequel of the third season. Season three of My Hero Academia ends with the introduction of The Big 3, U.A. High’s most strong students, with Mirio Togata making an especially great impression.

Mario also tells  Midoriya and the company that their next big work will be internships with major Pro-Heroes. My Hero Academia’s  “shie hissing ” is the series’ longest arc from the manga, so it’s fine to assume that it will be the main point of discussion of Season four. It will also witness the rise of the show’s new, powerful characters from both the hero and villain sides, like All Might’s former sidekick, Nighteye, and a new foe, Overhaul (who’s in full form in season four’s brief teaser from Jump Festa).

This Season is still different from the larger “Rise of the Villains” series, and that short trailer indicates that Shigaraki and his evil team will continue to gain power and defeat the good people. The 1st episode of My Hero Academia Season 4, was aired on Anime Expo at Los Angeles Convention Center, where Kaori Nazuka, the Japanese voice actor of Toru Hagakure, will collab with English voice actors David Matranga (Shoto Todoroki), Patrick Seitz (Endeavor) and Ricco Fajardo (Mirio Togata).


My Hero Academia Season 4, Episode 1 Review: 

Now that the first episode of My Hero Academia Season 4 is here, check out the review!

So, its a recap episode? Well, yes, but it is more than a recap as there is a storyline we can look forward to, which looks like kind of necessary before starting the main story arc of Season 4.

The 1st episode was a light start where the characters are shown from a different perspective giving them new dimensions, and the audience will definitely enjoy the fluffy side of their favorite characters. The episode is away from fighting but more focused on the core of all the characters.

 It looks like OP is going to have a very “bright future.” Polaris song by BLUE ENCOUNT gives an amazing start and goes well with the character-focused animation. Before the OP starts, we get an overview of the relationship between All Might and Midoriya, the nature of quirks, and the state of the world. It also explains what their quirk – One For All – does. We also get to see the flashback from Season 3, which was kind of mesmerizing and a great start to Season 4.

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