Multiple wildfires are reported in California and the damage done utterly heart breaking

A wildfire broke out on the night of Thursday in the Sylmar area located near the 210 Freeway at Yarnel Street. Firefighters had a tough time battling these wildfires.

The wildfire was started being referred to as the “Saddleridge” fire, and this fire was being driven by winds that are traveling at a high 60mph winds in the area. Mandatory evacuations have gone underway after the situation has become uncontrollable. Several homes, along with at least one of the commercial structures, stood threatened to be destroyed along with several other structures.

On Friday morning, during a press conference, the fire officials have said that they are helping people evacuate as soon as possible since they are unable to guarantee that everyone is going to be saved from the few areas under high alert.

Multiple wildfires are reported in California and the damage done utterly heart breaking 1
Image: The Herald-mail

Though no injuries were reported, the Saddleridge fire has already scorched over 4600 acres and shows no signs of slowing down. At this point in time, there does not seem to be a way to contain the fire.

Another fire named the “Sandalwood” wildfire broke out near the Sandalwood Drive and Calimesa Boulevard in Calimesa. Reportedly, the fire first broke around 2 P.M. on Thursday. Cal Fire Riverside has reported that people were injured inside the Villa Calimesa Mobil Home Park, which is located at 1134 Villa Calimesa Lane in California. The fire was spread across 500 acres and was burning at a rapid rate and has destroyed numerous structures.

According to reports, nearly 74 structures were destroyed with five other structures being damaged moderately, and 11 structures had minor damages. Fire officials said that the fire was lingering around the nearby railway and power grid, and serious consequences may have to be taken to ensure safety.

Reche Fire and Wolf fire are two other fires that are on the way of becoming contained but have done severe damage.

Eagle Fire and Fontana wildfires were contained with the efforts of the fire officials. The cause of these two fires is still unknown.