Disney’s Mulan Delayed due to COVID-19. The Live-Action will Now Hit Your Screens in July 2020!

Mulan is an epic film from Disney, which originally got released in 1998 now we are looking forward to its live-action remake. Meanwhile, all the remakes like “Beauty and Beast,” “Aladdin,” and “The Lion King” all got super-hit. Therefore, we have the same expectations from this one also.

Release date of the movie

The film was intended to release on March 27, but due to this pandemic hitting the world, the movie will be released on July 24, 2020. It will release just after the release of “No time to Die” and “A quiet place part II.”

The trailer of the movie

The trailer of the movie got released in December 2019 since the movie was already ought to release now. You can watch the trailer on the official channel of Disney on YouTube.

The cast of the movie

The auditions for a suitable role for the main role of “Mulan” went on for a time. Finally, Liu Yifei, who is also known as Crystal Liu, is a Chinese actress, will be playing the main role. She has worked hard for the role as the role also needed actress to know martial arts. Other films in which she has worked are “The Forbidden Kingdom(2008)” and “Outcast(2014)”. Other members of the cast include Donnie Yen, who is previously seen in “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story” he would be playing mentor of Mulan’s mentor Commander Tung. We will also be seeing an iconic actor, Jet Li who will play the role emperor.

The role for the main villain role will be played Gong Li, who is also seen in “The Story of Qiu Ju (1992)” she is a witch in this film.

The plot of the movie

Since the movie is a remake and a live-action of the old movie; therefore, the plot of the movie will remain somewhat the same. In this movie, Mulan is the daughter of a famous emperor. But she is restricted to protect her empire because she is a girl. But then besides all the old, she learns martial arts and decides to protect her town. She then fights for her father and her empire.


Since we know the old Mulan was a musical movie, and there were many songs in between the movie. However, this movie will not be musical, which means there are no songs in the movie. Still, there will be some music going on in the background of the film.