MTV reality star Alexis Eddy found dead at 23 in Marion County!!

Disappointing and a shocking news came up about “Are You The One” dating reality show actress Alexis Edsy. She was found dead in her mother’s house at Marion County. The MTV reality star was dead because of reasons not yet completely identified but it was due to cardiac arrest. Right before the incident, the police received a 911 call from the house and when the team arrived, they were doing CPR on her. She was dead on spot and was not able to be saved. It was a pretty sad news for many because she was loved and adored by many people out there who loved to watch her on live and on TV.

Now with her death it is just a sad news. The 21 year old really had bad past. She was not really in good terms with her family and all. Once she posted a picture with her dad captioning it for them both to be sober and all. The actress was a sweet and wonderful person. The police who came for the investigation and all even said that they never really had any problems with the family or with Alexis. They were a good people. So what happened immediately that led to her being dead? The question is unanswered and not known to many at all.

Alexis went to her mother’s house around 11 pm at night and her death happened around 7 am in the morning, which is the next day of her arrival. So no one really knows what actually happened in the time between that and is it really cardiac arrest that led to her death or is there something more to it. The actress is just young and 21 so chances of her being having a death too soon is kind of hard to believe.