Ms. Marvel Finale Shows Superhero Stories Doesn’t Always Require End of the World Stakes

Marvel has told a grounded story with the latest series (spoilers ahead)

Ms. Marvel released its sixth and final episode on Wednesday, and a new superhero has been born. The show’s reception has been mixed so far, but it still has many fans who liked the new grounded take that Marvel Studios has done with the project. Let’s read in detail about the finale.

Ms. Marvel Finale

Ms. Marvel

“If you saved one life…well, you saved the world.” This was one of the most pivotal lines in the finale of Ms. Marvel and a whole new chapter for Marvel Studios. This allowed the show to be a standout, similar to Moon Knight, from the rest of the ever-growing cinematic universe.

The final fight was a nod to the Sam Raimi Spider-Man films where an entire neighborhood comes forward to defend one of its residents, who has newly become a hero. We can see the humanity present throughout the finale, and we understand why some heroes never stop protecting their neighborhood, telling the rest of the world to wait.

The finale of Ms. Marvel no longer contained flashbacks but showed Kamala and the gang’s efforts to save Kamran, who inherited his mother’s Clandestine powers. The Department of Damage Control is heavy on their heels, and the kids gather at their school to devise a plan to outsmart them.

In Short…

Ms. Marvel

The series as a whole is definitely not for everyone. It tells more of the harsh history and present of the world. But the makers did a good job showing what Pakistanis had to endure. Then we see the hero emerging out of them, who has no time to think of the world as the people she cares about are in trouble. We have been seeing world stakes for the past decade and this was refreshing.

Of course, the mid-credits showed that the whole world will be coming into play as Carol Danvers somehow finds herself in Kamala’s room. But it was good while it lasted. Check out all episodes of Ms. Marvel on Disney+.