‘Mr. Robot’ Series Finale Ends With One Last Game-Changing Twist!!!

Composed and coordinated by maker Sam Esmail, the Mr. Robot arrangement finale closes with a response to the penultimate portion’s last inquiry: “Who are you?” True to the USA Network thrill ride’s structure, the appropriate response is a muddled one — however, in one of the last scenes of the finale, Rami Malek’s disturbed PC programmer gives a valiant effort to verbalize the appropriate response: “I’m not Elliot. I’m just a piece of him.”

'Mr. Robot' Series Finale Ends With One Last Game-Changing Twist!!!

In one last bit of the arrangement (just as a bit of the blade), the focal character and the crowd the same become familiar with reality: Elliot Alderson isn’t who he accepts he is — at any rate, not the Elliot watchers have watched throughout the span of four periods of tense mechanical adventures. The two-section arrangement finale plunges further into Elliot’s mind than any time in recent memory, as it turns out to be clear the “imaginary world” set in the penultimate scene was just a fanciful world, intended to keep “the genuine Elliot” secure in general. Similar to the nominal Mr. Robot (Christian Slater) himself, the Elliot we have realized this time ends up being one more character made by Elliot: a hooded vigilante seething against the people pulling the strings, battling for a superior future out of adoration for himself. Put another way: the Elliot we know is “the other one.”

Heading into the last venture of the finale, a deceptive type of Elliot’s specialist Krista Gordon (Gloria Reuben) plunks down with her patient, to give him access to the reality of his numerous characters — including the person who has been at the front line of the whole arrangement.

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“With the end goal for you to completely hear reality, first we need to talk about Elliot’s dissociative character issue,” she says. “The main character was made the day Elliot leaped out the window — the defender character, the one Elliot made to supplant his dad, to shield him from insufferable circumstances: Mr. Robot. Sometime down the road, Elliot made the mother character, the persecutor, reprimanding Elliot for the maltreatment, demanding that he expected to pay for it. Not long after she came Elliot’s more youthful self, who he converged to deal with the maltreatment he was unable to endure. With that, he made his own group of sorts.”

“I surmise she doesn’t think about you,” Elliot at that point says by means of internal talk, gazing straight into the camera at the watcher — us, his “companion.” Krista at that point gazes directly into the camera and recognizes “our” presence, marking us as “the voyeurs who figure they aren’t a piece of this, notwithstanding being here for every last bit of it.”

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