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Mr. Iglesias Season 3 Is Coming On Netflix With An Exciting New Love Interest And A Dance Night!

The festive season is going to be a whole lot better as Mr.Iglesias’ classes are going to be back in session! The third season is almost here and there a lot to look forward to!

Mr. Iglesias Is Coming Back With All The High School Drama In Season 3!

The Netflix comedy series will be coming back with a brand new third season on the streaming platform. The official trailer is also here and there’s a new love interest doing the rounds for Gabe ! Here’s the official trailer for you all given right here!

When asked more about this new love interest coming into Gabe’s life who is the new guidance counselor in school, the comedian and actor stated how this love interest implies that his story is coming full circle. This means that the kids are better and Gabe is getting better too! Moreover, this will also add a whole new angle to the overall story in the third season as well. 

Here’s The Official Trailer For Mr. Iglesias Season 3!

The trailer also suggests that a big event is also arriving in the school: the high school dance event! While some students are dreading the dance night, the teachers sure are all for it! So, expect some rib-tickling episodes coming our way.

As the trailer is evident enough the third season comes with a dance night and an interesting love angle in Gabe’s life which will also put some new twists and turns in the way for fans! The school is going to be in session on 8th December exclusively on Netflix. Well, the third season will also include a dangerous driving lesson episode which might just not go as planned! 

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