Motley Crue Singer Vince Neil Denies Alleged Rumours Of Feud With Another Band Member, drummer Tommy Lee!

It seems like there are some band reunions that are just not happening anytime soon. Another singer from a popular band has denied any news of the reunion in the coming years.

Is the Band Reuniting Again For A Tour?

Apparently, Motley Crue singer Vince Neil has denied any allegations or speculation regarding his apparent feud with drummer Tommy Lee. It was assumed that it was due to their toff that the band was not coming together and embarking on a reunion tour. The tiff was due to a war of words that happened between the two on the issue of who is going to rehab first.

Feud Between Fellow Band Mates Is Not Letting The Your Happen Or What?

The reunion tour sources have revealed that Neil was asked to shed forty pounds and also to get some treatment. Neil was infuriated by promoters slim down demands! Instead, he insisted that it was not him but Lee who needs to get his act right. This whole blame game was surely not taken well by Lee.

Moreover, Vince Neil came in Twitter and thought of clearing the air once for all. He clearly wrote that he has not talked to any of the band members after the movie premiere. He is cancelling tours due to his back problems and is undergoing treatment. He also clarifies that there is no feud between him and Tommy.

With this Twitter note it seems like Vince has cleared the air about the alleged feud between the band members and it is clear that the tour was cancelled due to health issues. We hope he gets well soon and we get another reunion very soon. Although we do want to know what Tommy Lee he to say about the Feud ? We need  to wait and see.