Mother of four murdered at home while children were asleep, a 44-year suspect arrested..

A shocking incident took place in Beaconsfield, Buckinghamshire, this morning when a mother of four was found dead in her own home. It was reported that she was murdered while her children were asleep upstairs.

Marie Nush with her husband
Marie Nush with her husband

The woman named Marie Nash, 40, was found dead at her semi-detached home shortly after 6 am. Locals described Mrs. Nash as a hardworking mother to four children aged between nine to twenty years. It was believed that the children were asleep during the attack.

Local residents speculated she worked in advertising and had been living there with her family for three years.

A neighbor and fellow mother of Mrs. Nash said, “I knew Marie through our children. Her youngest is aged nine years, and so is my girl. She further added that Mrs. Nash had another girl 13 and two older boys, and all her kids were always polite and sensible.

Marie and her family.

Police removed the body from the house around 2 pm on Tuesday, and the forensic team covered it with a crimson sheet before placing it into a black van. Detectives led by the head of Thames Valley Police CID, Detective Chief Superintendent Ian Hunter, were called to the scene, and the house was sealed off with policemen on guard.

As the body was taken, a neighbor placed a bunch of flowers and a card at the end of the drive of the murder scene.

Thames Valley Police officers arrested q 44-year-old man and took him into custody after the alarm was allegedly raised in a 999 call from the property. The suspect was arrested on suspicion of murder, but police said they were treating the death as unexplained as they attempted to find out what led to it.