Moon Knight Will Be Brutal And Dark, Says President Kevi Feige

Kevin Feige Comment On The Moon Knight

A very recent comment is out by Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige. He says that the upcoming series Moon Knight is going to be even loud, brutal and dark.

Recently, Kevin Feige had an interview with the Empire Magazine. There, he comments that Oscar’s vigilante is brutal and because of it, he thinks the show will mark an intense shift. Further, he is happy and finds it fun working with Disney+ and watching their capabilities increasing. In conclusion, he says that there are moments in the series where Moon Knight is overpowering other characters and showing his brutal natural.

Further Comment

Oscar also comments that the storyline sounds risky but since the story is releasing on Disney+, they can take the advantage of storytelling approach. Firstly, he says that it is a very different and a dark character. Secondly, because it is not a film rather a series, he says that they are going to focus on a huge scale and not for a grand opening.

The Team

Oscar Isaac is starring in the series as the leading character Moon Knight. He has a split disorder and he becomes the natural channel for the Egyptian moon god, Khonshu. Along with him, Ethan Hawke is also playing the role of Arthur Harrow. He is a leader who encourages Spector to grow his inner evil.

Moon Knight
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Moon Knight is a series by Marvel Cinematic Universe and it will air in Disney+. It is an upcoming American mini-series and Jeremy Slater is the creator of the series. Jeremy is also the writer of the series and along with his Mohammad Diab is leading the directing team. It is based on the Marvel Comic character having the same name.

March 30 is the schedule date for the release of the series and it will include six episodes. It is the fourth part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.