“Monster-in-law” actress Jane Fonda accepts BAFTA while being arrested!!

Jane Fonda, the American actress and political activist accepted BAFTA Award while she got arrested and led away in handcuffs during climate emergency protests.

The actor was honored and served the Stanley Kubrick award for excellence in film at the annual Bafta Britannia ceremony. The video footage of Jane Fonda being arrested in Washington DC last weak was displayed to the audience on big screens.

The actor also shouted loudly, “Bafta, thank you ” as she went away and told she is very much honored for having Award. The Oscar-winning actor is well known for her activism. Jane Fonda was one of the seventeen climate protesters arrested at the US capital having charges of unlawful demonstration.

The actor further told that she had moved to Washington DC to get more serious and deeply involved in the fight against climate breakdown. She also told that she is expecting many other older activists to join her. She also revealed that she is planning to get herself arrested every Friday during the protests.