Monday’s triple-doubles have become a tea talk, and all NBA lovers would remember this match and the play of Doncic.

A historical and marvelous performance by this young man has turned the eyeballs of NBA legends towards him. With his remarkable performance, erupting for a career-high 42 points, 11 rebounds, and 12 assists as the Dallas Mavericks outlasted the San Antonio Spurs 117-110. Doncic’s sixth triple-double of 2019-20 pushed his season averages to even more absurd heights at 29.5 points, 10.7rebounds, and 9.3 assists. This also puts Doncic to Lebron James’s territory.

Now this young has become an elite NBA player. Being an elite player, he needs to put forward this performance continuously in the future. As we all know, maintaining a position is more difficult than achieving it. “It feels like every day there are stats you don’t know about, stats that you read about, “Doncic said after Monday’s game. “It’s great to hit.”

These words of this young man clearly define his dedication towards his game. Epic players always focus on the match they play at the moment and not about making stat points truffle. Real players always give their best, in the way they achieve many tags which they actually have never aimed for. It’s true that aiming for the result would exploit your performance.

All the historic players always aim at their performance. So now, looking forward to the performance of Doncic, it was like fostering a level of comfort within the fellow players and disseminating their attention and turning the situation into baskets.

The above words could perfectly describe the gameplay strategy of Doncic. Turning a situation into your site requires tremendous patience, agility, and resilience. These thresholds, when well nurtured inside this young man, could make him achieve great heights.