Mom of a 3 year old Autistic Son urges use of Blue Halloween Buckets to Raise Autism Awareness

Omairis Taylor, a mother of 3 years old autistic child has come up with the idea of a blue Halloween bucket.

Taylor wants to give a better experience of Halloween to her son. Therefore, she came up with the idea of a blue Halloween bucket. The mom shared a post on Facebook, informing about the non-verbal autism.

She explained the difficulty of pronouncing words like trick or treat due to non-verbal autism. Taylor’s post brought a huge impact on thousands of people. The post helped to create awareness about this kind of autism.

The mother mentioned that last year, she had to go to each house in her neighborhood till five blocks to tell them about her son’s condition. This Halloween she is trying the BLUE Halloween BUCKET to indicate that her son has non-verbal autism.


Omairis Taylor asked everyone to allow her son and any other autistic child carrying a Blue Bucket to enjoy Halloween. She also added in the post that she will accompany her son and mention Trick or Treat on behalf of him. Taylor is ready to get her mom candy tax afterward for that.

Taylor mentioned in the post that this holiday is hard enough, without any added stress. She also thanked everyone for their support in advance. Along with the post, she shared a picture of a pumpkin-shaped candy bucket for Halloween in bright blue color. Taylor made her Facebook public in order to spread her message to everyone.

Currently, her post is shared 120,000 times and it seems Taylor’s motive of spreading awareness is getting successful. Last year, Alicia Plumer, the mother of a 21-year-old son tried to circulate the autism information. The boy has a body of a grown-up kid but loves Halloween and faces the same autistic difficulty.