Mob Psycho 100 Season 3 will arrive soon. Here is the latest update on the anime.


A hit manga series, Mob Psycho 100 Season 3 is coming. Here is everything you need to know about characters, release date, plot, and trailer.

Mob Psycho 100 is a love anime series written and illustrated by ONE. It was first premiered in 2012 on Shogakukan’s Ura Sunday website. And since then two seasons have premiered.

When will Mob Psycho 100 Season 3 release?

As per the reports, season 3 of hit manga series will be released in Japan probably in the early months of 2021. But yes, we have to wait for a while before the studio will spread the series across the world.

The Plot

Mob Psycho is a story of school-going kid Kageyama known as Mob. Though, he is a kid but different from other kids as he is having a psychic power. He is living with a fear that he might lose control of his powers and use them quite a sustainability.

He then meets Reign who helps him to keep his powers under control. He directs Mob towards religion as he believed only religion can help Mob to keep his power under control.

Expectation from Mob Psycho 100 Season 3

Season 2 of Mob Psycho 100 had an epic finale. It was a big hit among Mob Psycho fans. Every episode was beyond everyone’s expectations. And like season one, the expectations from the third installment is high. Fans were not expecting the level of quality and storytelling which had been delivered in the second installment of this loving anime series.

The story is not yet completed. We may have this series in continuation for many more seasons. The series is also famous for its clarity and healthy production; that is what we can expect from the upcoming season.