Miranda Lambert Shares Her Thoughts On Marriage And They Are Shockingly Candid!

Musician Miranda Lambert has recently shared her thoughts on marriage and they are as real as it can be! The musician reveals that marriage is surely no cakewalk and it sure is a lot of hard work!

Miranda Lambert Talks About Marriage, Divorce With Blake Shelton And More!

Miranda Lambert got married to singing sensation Blake Shelton on 2011 but there was soon trouble in paradise and the couple finally filed for divorce back in 2015, they were married for a brief of time. While they were together for a long time before tying the knot, it clearly did not work for the two.

Miranda Lambert earlier opened up about her divorce with Shelton saying she is still processing everything and figuring out where to go and what happened. Lambert further said that marriage is a tough business and they did give it their best try and they changed as individuals who wanted different things. The singer gave a little sneak peek into her marital life in her newest song Settling Down, here’s a small teaser of the video.

The Couple Were Married For Four Years Before Filing For Divorce!

However, after a rocky marriage that was followed by a divorce, the two moved on and found love again with their respective partners. Lambert is married to retired New York police officer Brendan Mcloughlin while Shelton found love with Gwen Stefani. Take a look into Miranda Lambert’s newest song in town! 

There was a huge controversy after the pair filed for divorce with serve rumours of Lambert having an affair with Chris Young, which he vehemently denied as untrue. Now, both the exes have moved on for good and found both comfort and love yet again!