Millie Bobby Brown learned American accent by Hannah Montana. Dig in for the deets!


Millie Bobby Brown was on Miley Cyrus’s Instagram show right-minded on Monday and the ‘stranger things’ star admitted that Hannah Montana helped her learn how to do an American accent.

She stated, ” I just have to say like, the only way I got my American accent was by watching Hannah Montana. I don’t know if you never. I was totally obsessed with Hannah Montana. When I was a child, I literally know all your dance moves. I wanted your job but I didn’t know how to get your job. Then I realized that it was an actual job.” Miley admits we both have a lot in common. They were both child stars. Millie, who is now sixteen, had her first role in 2013 at the age of nine on Once upon a time in wonderland. Twenty-seven-year-old Miley had her first role in 2001, also at the age of nine on the show called doc her. Miley has been doing her part to provide some entertainment amid the Corona pandemic with her Instagram series. She’s had guests like Demi Lovato, her Hannah Montana co-star Emily Osment and more. Her upcoming episode features Ashley Graham and Miranda Kerr.

From the Instagram photos, we can also conclude that they both love dogs. Well, her dream of becoming Hannah Montana is not gonna happen but she is a rising star. By watching her performances, no one could tell that the accent she is speaking is not of her own.
According to the source, Millie Bobby Brown is in the movie Godzilla vs Kong and she will also be playing the title role of Enola Holmes, younger sister of Sherlock Holmes. She has more than 28 million followers on Instagram and our best wishes are always with her.