Miley Cyrus’s 27th Birthday is her Most Silent One Ever Due to her Recent Vocal Surgery

By 6 months ago

The pop star has undergone a vocal surgery, due to which she cannot speak and is on voice rest. But that turned out to be a bad thing for Cyrus because it was her 27th birthday during this time. She could not do anything. She had to be silent because of ofod voice rest. Cyrus was sad and was saying how she will never forget this birthday ever. It was the most silent birthday ever.

While Miley Cyrus is suffering, her boyfriend, Cody Simpsons was seen enjoying his gym session while Miley was in rehab, which is bad. Cody is supposed to support her and be with her while she undergoes this situation. But Cody was seen in the gym working out.

Cody was more excited and keen to take care if his abs and body structure. But everyone is keeping a special eye on this couple’s relationship. According to showbiz, “Cyrus took to Instagram Live with Simpson to explain to her fans that while she didn’t think she’d ever find a good man, she finally has one. “I always thought I had to be gay because I just thought, like, all guys were evil, but it’s not true. There are good people out there that just happen to have d****. I’ve only ever met one … and he’s on this Live,” E! News reports she said.

While this 27th birthday was a silent birthday, she still had fun. She said that she was happy to have all her fans, family and Cody with her. Miley posted on Instagram a few pictures of her and Cody seen together. Then there is another picture was Mikey’s mother is also seen taking pictures and celebrating her birthday together with Cyrus. Her mother is also with her through this phase.

Miley Cyrus says that even though there is an app that can help her in communicating with others, but it is really funny. So she is just being silent and enjoying the silence.